Professor Barry McDonald Quoted in “Why Michael Jackson’s Estate is Suing HBO” — Vulture Magazine

March 13, 2019 | Professor Barry P. McDonald is quoted in the Vulture magazine article, “Why Michael Jackson’s Estate is Suing HBO.” The article considers the effect of a non-disparagement clause in a contract that HBO signed in 1992 and the Jackson estate’s petition to compel HBO into an arbitration hearing.

Excerpt from “Why Michael Jackson’s Estate is Suing HBO”

But even if the lawsuit is intended to make a splash while the documentary is all over the news, Pepperdine School of Law professor Barry McDonald believes this case won’t go away, no matter how long it drags on.

“The Jackson estate, they probably have a ton of money, so they’ll probably litigate this thing as far as they can: (1) to try to vindicate Jackson’s name, and (2) to try to win and get some money out of it,” he says. “If they have the resources to litigate, what do they have to lose by continuing to push it and hoping to get a favorable ruling down the road?”

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