Professor Barry McDonald Speaks on “Hate Speech Online: Should Social Media Be Moderated?” — Los Angeles Law Library

May 2, 2019 | Professor Barry P. McDonald participated in a presentation hosted by NBC4 Southern California News titled “Hate Speech Online: Should Social Media Be Moderated?” The program was moderated by NBC reporter Beverly White and took place at the Los Angeles Law Library on April 30.

From the Los Angeles Law Library

As the nation’s debate over restrictions on hate speech continues, social media platforms are scrambling to define acceptable speech online. What is hate speech? Why is hate speech finding especially fruitful ground in social media, and what harms are being caused by it? Who should decide the difference between free speech and hate speech? To what extent can or should the government get involved? Are social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook subject to the First Amendment? Constitutional law scholars and legal experts debate these and related questions.

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