Professor Barry McDonald, “The Flaws of the Great Justice Stevens” — New York Times

July 22, 2019 | Professor Barry P. McDonald‘s op-ed, “The Flaws of the Great Justice Stevens,” has been published in the New York Times. The article considers the judicial philosophy of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and his flexible approach to the law. Justice Sevens died on July 16 after suffering a stroke.

Excerpt from “The Flaws of the Great Justice Stevens”

But commendable personal qualities do not always translate into judicial virtues, particularly when it comes to the objective and consistent application of established rules of law. Justice Stevens was admirably candid about the fact that his judicial philosophy was heavily informed by his personal experiences and what they had to teach him. In his view, sound decision making was about applying reasoned judgment to the particular facts of a case. He was no doubt sincere in his desire to achieve a just result every time.

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