Professor Barry McDonald, “The ‘Troubling Premise’ of Quid Pro Quo” — National Law Journal

November 20, 2019 | Professor Barry P. McDonald‘s op-ed piece, “The ‘Troubling Premise’ of Quid Pro Quo” has been published in the National Law Journal. The article considers the defenses of quid pro quo deals.

Excerpt from “The ‘Troubling Premise’ of Quid Pro Quo”

In an attempt to forestall the House’s impeachment proceedings, President Donald Trump has released summaries of calls with the Ukrainian president that he claims exonerate him. The main defense of Trump and his supporters continues to be that there was no quid pro quo: he did not expressly condition Ukraine’s continued receipt of American foreign aid to defend against Russian aggression on an agreement by its president to criminally investigate the Bidens.

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