Professor Chris Goodman, “Evidence: The California Code and the Federal Rules, A Problem Approach, Seventh Edition” – West Academic Publishing

April 23, 2019 | Professor Christine Chambers Goodman’s book, “Evidence: The California Code and the Federal Rules, A Problem Approach, Seventh Edition,” has been published by West Academic Publishing. The casebook is a scholastic collaboration with the late Miguel A. Mendez and Mariao Mainero (Chapman). Mendez began the book’s draft when Professor Goodman was a student in his Evidence class.

Professor Goodman expressed, “I am grateful to the reference library staff, particularly Katie and Don, as well as the faculty support staff and Stacey, for their work over the summer to help me get this project finished on a short time line. I appreciate the support of scholarly work that the course reduction, summer research, and sabbatical provided me this past year.”

About the Casebook:

The Seventh Edition of this casebook provides a systematic comparison of the Evidence Code’s and Federal Rules’ approaches to admissibility of evidence. Transcripts of witness examinations help students visualize the process of presenting and objecting to evidence. The book combines the problem and witness examination approach with text, not cases, that sets out the law of evidence in a clear and concise manner. It discusses major cases and the policies and concepts underlying the rules, not just the rules themselves.

A complimentary digital copy is available with a West Academic account.