Professor Derek Muller Quoted on Tougher Bar Pass Rules for Law Schools —

May 21, 2019 | Professor Derek T. Muller is quoted in the article, “ABA Tougher Bar Pass Rule for Law Schools Applauded, Derided.” The article considers the American Bar Association’s new bar pass accreditation standard that could increase pressure on states like California with high cut scores. The Council of the Section of Legal Education adopted a rule change the reduces the time, from five years to two years, that law schools have to get 75 percent of their students to pass the bar exam from the time of graduation.

Excerpt from “ABA Tougher Bar Pass Rule for Law Schools”

Others, including Pepperdine University law professor Derek Muller, predict that some lower-performing schools will make adjustments to try and up their bar passage rates but that the new standard won’t spur a sea change throughout legal education.

“I won’t expect anything too dire,” Muller wrote on his blog, Excess of Democracy. “While it’s safe to say that 30 or so law schools have something to worry about, a much smaller number are facing existential threats to their schools.”

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