Professor Robert Anderson Participates in New Realism in Business Law and Economics Conference

November 26, 2019 | Professor Robert Anderson participated in a conference titled, “The New Realism in Business and Economics,” which was held at the University of Minnesota Law School. The conference explored how real-world analyses of what business lawyers do, informed by theory, empirical, and technological methodology, can yield payoffs for scholarship, pedagogy, and practice. Professor Anderson moderated a panel titled, “Technology and the New Realism,” which considered the features of business law practice, scholarship and pedagogy that warrant or benefit from the new realism. He also made two presentations, “An Evolutionary Perspective on Contracting: Evidence from Poison Pills,” and “Insights from Boilerplate: An Analysis of Stasis and Change in Transactional Text.” The conference took place on November 7-8.

The conference agenda may be found here