Professor Sarah Park Represents Straus at Second Annual Asia Pacific Mediation Conference in Seoul, Korea

Professor Park presented on ADR Education and US Legal Education at the Second Asia Pacific Mediation Conference in Seoul, Korea. ┬áThe theme for this year was “Mediation in the Asia Pacific Region: How to Promote Mediation,” and she discussed mediation within the U.S. and the Straus Institute as a model for growth in the Asia Pacific region. ┬áThe conference was hosted by the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board and the Korean Society of Mediation Studies, and part of a larger Seoul ADR Week 2018, a week-long conference for legal professionals, ADR users, and providers to
exchange new ideas in the field of dispute resolution, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Of particular interest at the conference was the newly-signed UNCITRAL Convention on the Enforcement of Mediation Settlements, otherwise known as “The Singapore Convention” and corresponding Model Law. Professionals optimistically predicted that the 2019 Singapore Convention would be for mediation what the 1958 New York Convention accomplished for arbitration.