Spring 2020 Washington D.C. Externship Semester

Space is available for the Spring 2020 Washington, D.C. Externship Semester.

Spend Spring 2020 in the Washington, D.C. Externship Semester, learning law in our nation’s capital and distinguishing yourself for post grad jobs nationwide. Opportunities await in government agencies, on the Hill, nonprofits, and lobbying! Work and take classes, while building a solid foundation for post-grad employment!

Two specific opportunities: (1) A low-bono immigration law firm specializing in asylum, where the intern will interact with clients and work on immigration petitions; and (2) a Christian human-rights organization, where the intern will focus on advocacy. In addition, many congressional offices and nonprofits hire interns into December, and some federal agencies will still accept applications.

Contact Professor Nancy Hunt (nancy.hunt@pepperdine.edu) with questions.