Tom Stipanowich and Veronique Fraser Present “‘Mixing Modes’ in International Commercial Dispute Resolution”

1.  The Straus Institute’s Dean, Professor Tom Stipanowich, spoke at an ADR and Diversity Symposium on Wednesday January 17 at New York Law School sponsored by the American Bar Association and other organizations.

2.  A new paper by Professor Stipanowich and his co-author, Straus alumna Professor Veronique Fraser, “Mixing Modes” in International Commercial Dispute Resolution: The Impact of Culture, Legal Tradition and Choice on Forms of Interplay between Negotiation, Mediation, Evaluation and Arbitration, will be the subject of a workshop at a meeting of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 26.  The workshop will include leading scholars and practitioners in the field of international arbitration and dispute resolution.  The article was developed as a white paper for the International Task Force on Mixed Mode Dispute Resolution, and attempts to break new ground in terms of exploring how culture and legal tradition affect process priorities and even our understanding of the role of mediators, as well as the propriety of a mediator “switching hats” and becoming an arbitrator, or vice versa, during dispute resolution.